Feeling Blue in Tokyo

Feeling Blue in Tokyo

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It’s not a story of being saddened in this super expensive town, although how it forced me to keep spending for cute stuff could make me burst in tears, in a comical Japanese style :D. Instead, it’s a story about excitement towards my visit to Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando, which I bought soooo many blueish, beautiful ceramic dining items.

Feeling Blue in Tokyo

Different patterns. The more complicated, the more expensive it will be. All of which are still quite cheap. Ayo borong! 😀

I remember 11 years ago when visiting Tokyo. I went to this large store with few of Chief Editors from lifestyle magazines. Not only me, but WE were mesmerized by the store has to offer. After more than a decade, there is nothing change in this store, from layout to the series of products they sell. If we look at each item, the price is considerably low. Accordingly, we tend to buy a lot of things, which in the end, we spend a lot here. Of course, it’s incomparable to shopping at Gotemba premium outlet where most luxury brands are selling high-quality products. You buy one Gucci bag here, that will most likely equal to buying up to 10 full bags of items from Oriental Bazaar. Nevertheless, I can tell you that both bring the same excitement… and the same feeling of happiness 😀

Now talking about blue ceramics, I don’t know why I love it so much. Especially if we match it with a wooden table, the combination looks perfectly elegant. It took almost 1,5 hours (if not 2 hours?) for me to stay there choosing the right mix of blue patterns of a bowl, spoon, and coaster. I left the store feeling fulfilled, and I can see it from the face of the staffs as well. As soon as I left, they pulled down the closing railing door. Perhaps their happiness was different from mine, I think they were happy because as the last guest, I finally went out :D.

Feeling Blue in Tokyo

Japanese tea leaves box. Colorful and super cute!

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