Portraying Youth in Indonesia

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Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country with over 261 million people, 66.97% of which is at the production age (16.99%: 15-24, 42.4%: 25-54, 8.58%: 55-64). It is predicted that there will be demographic bonus in Indonesia by 2025-2035 at productive age bracket, causing an increase of burden if they were not provided with job opportunities and skills development/upgrade programs.

Research by Indonesia Financial Service Authority shows that there is a low Financial literacy rate in Indonesia (only 22% is financially literate). Another survey by Statistic Center Institution indicates that there is a high youth unemployment rate (age 15-24), which is 18.9% in 2016 or approximately 5.6 million people. The education system in Indonesia does not yet put emphasis on entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills, this leads to a lack of entrepreneurial skills and capabilities. The education system in Indonesia does not cover significant non-cognitive aspect either, causing lack of self-esteem, poor communication skills both in Bahasa Indonesia and English languages, as well as low level of critical thinking and proactivity, all of which are the main ingredients for the youths to be successful and resilient in the future.

What we can do to improve this? As an individual, what a single thing you can do to help?


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